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Video of Where the Sidewalk Ends

Back in December I led a group composition project at Catholic University, where I teach. Called Scenes from Catholic University, the project paired students and faculty from the composition and piano divisions together to create a work that was largely inspired by Schumann’s Op 15 Kinderszenen. You can watch my colleague Nikita Fitenko play my contribution, Where the Sidewalk Ends, below, and read more about the piece here

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Video of The Initiation performance

Back in November The Initiation went up for one performance at the Georgetown Waterfront Park Labyrinth. This site-specific project, in the city I’ve lived in for almost 10 years, is a type of collaboration I’ve wanted to engage with for a long time. I was so happy with the results (and that the weather played nice). Below is a full video of the performance. While I’m certainly not abandoning traditional concert hall projects or anything, I really hope to do this type of work again soon. Big thanks to sculptor Dawn Whitmore for thinking this whole thing up, and to the amazing singers that put in so much time to pull this off.

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New year, new live recordings:

Greetings: a quick post to let you know that I’ve added some recordings of some recent pieces to my pages up here. The Inscape Chamber Orchestra gave a solid premiere of Get Up in May, and you can here the second movement Haze here. The Catholic University Symphony, under the direction of Simeone Tartaglione, premiered …of such light last April, and I have some clips from the performance here.

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The Initiation

I am very excited to present my newest collaboration, The Initiation, with sculptor Dawn Whitmore. Dawn commissioned me to make a piece for four singers that is intended to be performed with an amazing wooden sculpture of ladders that she’s been making. We are putting together a free outdoor performance on November 18th at the Labyrinth at the Georgetown Waterfront Park in DC. The music should start as the sun goes down, ca. 4:45. We’re inviting people to come check out the sculpture starting at 4:00pm. Below is a preview video Dawn made of the sculpture with a bit of my music, and here’s a link to read more details at Dawn’s site. I’m really excited to be doing something site-specific and outdoors in my city, and, I couldn’t be happier with the merry band of singers we’ve gathered for the event: Rachel Evangeline Barham, Allison Clendaniel, Shauna Kreidler Michels, and Deborah Sternberg are killing it. Hope to see you there! If you miss it, we are planning more performances for the spring (stay tuned).

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Veiled to be included on Wendy Richman’s upcoming album

The amazing violist Wendy Richman is heading into the recording studio later this spring to make her first solo album. I’m honored that she’s including Veiled, a new (more compact) version of Highway Music, a piece I wrote for her a few years ago, alongside awesome music by Jason Eckhardt, Ken Ueno, Christian Carey, David Smooke, Lou Bunk, Everette Minchew, Arlene Sierra, and Jose-Luis Hurtado. All of the pieces on this record feature Wendy’s unique skill in playing viola and singing. Wendy’s hosting a fundraising campaign over at indiegogo for the duration of this next month to cover all costs of recording and production. Please check it out and consider pitching in if you can!

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Two pieces after Scarlatti:

I’m very happy to share the premiere performance by Emily Green of some new piano music from this past December. I became infatuated with Domenico Scarlatti’s huge corpus of Sonatas a few years ago, and these two pieces are a tribute of sorts to the master. Please click here to take a listen and read more. Emily did an amazing job with this music at the premiere, and we’re hoping to make a studio recording this summer.

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Vox Animarum

One of my projects this past year was a new solo cello piece for Dan Shomper. Vox Animarum is the result, and you can listen to it below.

More info on Vox Animarum here.

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Aqua Vitae recording posted

Colin Hill and the percussion ensemble at Tennessee Tech University gave the premiere of my new percussion quartet Aqua Vitae last month. I just got a recording of the piece from them: take a listen below:

More info on Aqua Vitae here.

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Strauss Artist Grant

I am so happy to announce that I’ve been awarded a 2016 Strauss Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Fairfax County. Thank you Arts Council for your support! This grant will allow me to pursue several interesting projects over the coming year, helping me to continue and grow as an artist.

Two new pieces

AquaVitaeWebTwo new pieces were premiered this spring: back in March, cellist Dan Shomper gave the premiere of Vox Animarum, and in April, Colin Hill and the percussion ensemble at Tennessee Tech University premiered Aqua Vitae, for percussion quartet.

Both of these pieces were written over my sabbatical last fall, and in each work I’m trying something entirely new to my compositional vocabulary: in the cello piece, I worked with Dan on bow pressure techniques that widen the timbral spectrum to include quite a bit of noise in the cello’s tone. In the percussion quartet, I decided to work with a collection of junk instruments (bits of metal and wood) alongside traditional percussion instruments like bass drums, toms, marimbas, and vibraphone. Aqua Vitae, as you might guess from the title, was written as an homage to the centuries-old whiskey making process. You can read more about both pieces via these links: Vox Animarum, for solo cello, Aqua Vitae, for percussion quartet.

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