3232 – 4331 – timp – 3 perc – hp – pno/cl – strings
also available in an arrangement for wind ensemble
9 minutes



2 excerpts:
Bounce, excerpt 1 (opening) • 1:14
Bounce, excerpt 2 (end of the piece) • :59


Bounce owes its name to the literal “bouncing” of the first notes in the piece: the instruments that open the piece play an energetic tune that jumps between high and low notes. Much of what happens in the piece from that point forward is built from canonic techniques, where a copy of a melody that was just played is echoed back at a slightly later interval of time. Aside from a slow middle section, the music is overtly danceable, with an audible beat that should keep toes tapping for most of the piece. The lively and exuberant nature of the music was inspired by my nephew James, a firecracker of a little boy who, with glittering eyes, bounces around my sister’s house.

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