Bounce (arrangement for wind ensemble)

Picc, 3 Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Bsn, Eb Cl, 2 Bb Cl, Bass Cl, S Sax, A Sax, T Sax, B Sax, 4 C Tpts, 4 F Hns, 2 Tbn, Bass Tbn, Tba, D Bass, Pno, Hp, Timp, 4 Perc
also available in an arrangement for orchestra
9 minutes
Performed here by David Vickerman and The College of New Jersey Wind Ensemble



Originally a piece for orchestra, Bounce owes its name to the literal “bouncing” of the first notes in the piece: the energetic tune that gets things going jumps between the low and high registers on the woodwinds. Much of what happens in the piece from that point forward is built from the rhythmic interplay between competing melodic lines: the exuberance of the textures, which should be just on the edge of bouncing out of control, were largely inspired by my 3-year-old nephew James. Aside from a slow middle section, the music is overtly danceable, with an audible beat that should keep toes tapping for most of the piece.

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