3333 – 4331 – timp – 3 perc – hp – pno – strings
6 – 7 minutes
excerpt performed here by the New England Philharmonic conducted by Richard Pittman


Diaphony is a piece that depicts binary relationships in sound.  At particular instances in Diaphony certain musical parameters are paired with a musical partner.  The tension or release created by these relationships sets up a drama that unfolds over the course of the piece.  I came up with the title Diaphony to describe this action while contemplating a lesson on monophony and polyphony I was about to give in the basic music appreciation class I was teaching during the fall of 2005.  Several months after completing the piece, I was quite surprised to find out that Diaphony is also a term Medieval theorists used to describe dissonant counterpoint.

Diaphony was performed by the Osmo Vanska and the Minnesota Orchestra as part of their 2006 Future Classics series. Read a New York Times feature on that concert here.

Diaphony, excerpt by the NEP • 1'46''

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