Passage Through the City

string quartet
9 minutes
performed here by the Spektral Quartet

Passage Through the City


Passage through the city, written for Chicago’s Spektral Quartet, is a piece that attempts to map out a modern urban experience. Written specifically in reaction to time spent traversing Chicago’s many neighborhoods (both while artist-in-residence at High Concept Labs in summer 2012, and over the years with various friends and family that have lived there), I was hoping to reflect the many layers of language, architecture, and general cultural presence one encounters in Chicago. In addition to my own experiences that inspired the piece, I hope a listener can take away a general sense of 21st-century urban experience. Rather than a specific encounter with a city, I interpret passage more broadly, in that it can mean a path navigated, the act of going from on place to another, or even the right to come and go from some particular place. Check out this interview/blog post on the piece over at the Spektral Quartet site for more thoughts on the piece. gave a nice review of the premiere over at The Hideout this past summer.

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