12 Percussionists
9 minutes
audio here by Blake Wilkins and the University of Houston Percussion Ensemble
video here by Colin Hill and the University of Kentucky Percussion Ensemble



Push was composed immediately after returning from my honeymoon in Turkey, during the summer of 2010. Over nine minutes of music, the tempo in Push gets ratcheted up faster and faster, pushing a music that begins quiet and slow into something much more animated and danceable. What strikes me most about the piece is that progression from slow to fast, which gradually gives way to a happy exuberance. Though the hocketing canonic writing between all the mallet instruments is pretty tricky at times, I think of this piece as ultimately being on the lighter side of things.

Push was commissioned by the Moores School Percussion Ensemble at University of Houston, Dr. Blake M. Wilkins, director.


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Available directly from Albany Records, or most places online where music is sold.

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