cello and percussion (marimba + kick drum)
9 minutes
performed here by the New Morse Code



Hannah and Mike’s virtuosic ensemble playing, along with the dizzying array of musical styles they can bend to their will, inspired my initial ideas for what would become Transit when we first started this project in the summer of 2012. The music in Transit is meant to conjure the excitement and anxiousness of going some place new: a journey where the destination is known by name, but has yet to be experienced. An infectious exuberance in the opening bars of the music slowly shifts to an ascetic introspection, which is where we find ourselves at the conclusion of the piece. Transit was the last piece I completed before my son Lev was born, and in hindsight, I can hear my own edginess about the upcoming events writ large in the music. Anxiety about impending fatherhood aside, I invite the listener to relate to the piece as a meditation on new adventures.

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