Sorrows with the Moon

oboe, also arranged for Bb Clarinet
4 – 5 minutes
version for Oboe, performed here by Andrew Parker
version for Bb Clarinet, performed here by Marianne Gythfeldt


Sorrows with the moon was written during the spring of 2002.  Originally a piece for oboe, it was arranged for Bb Clarinet the following year. The title was inspired by the following passage, from Diana Burgin and Katherine O’Connor’s translation of Mikail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita (commentary to Chapter 29):

He has not earned light, he has earned peace.  “Among the various interpretations of this passage, the one that seems most convincing is that the Master gave up faith in himself completely….  In Dante’s Divine Comedy, the moon, a major fascination of the Master’s, is the place for those who have left vows unfulfilled, perhaps as a result of outside pressures over which they had no control, but they are unfulfilled nonetheless.”

Sorrows with the Moon, version for Clarinet

Sorrows with the Moon, version for Oboe

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