Surely Some Revelation?

12 minutes
performed here by Emily Green


Surely some revelation? was composed in the summer and fall of 2004. The title comes from The Second Coming, a poem by W.B Yeats. The powerful imagery of Yeats’s poem, written around the time of World War I, resonated with my reactions during the late summer 2004 as I observed another complicated global conflict. Yeats’s description of the End of Days is incredibly vivid, yet he doesn’t give us the complete story, instead describing a situation pregnant with possibilities. I found a connection to my pieces in the dramatic arc of this poem: the poem’s emotional intensity drives to an end that, instead of presenting an obliterating show of force, asks a question.

Mvt. I • 3:18

Mvt. II • 4:37

Mvt. III • 4:19

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