Premiere performance of Lift & upcoming projects:

Lift PicBack at the end of March, Stephen Story and the Carnegie Mellon University Wind Ensemble gave the premiere of Lift. Lift is only my second work for wind ensemble, and the first one that was conceived and written specifically for this instrumentation. (Bounce, premiered last November by David Vickerman and the winds from TCNJ, is an arrangement of an earlier orchestra piece.) It was a really great experience to work with these players, and also a lot of fun to be back at my undergraduate stomping grounds in Pittsburgh, PA. Read more about the piece and take a listen here.

As I take a step back from teaching for the summer, things for next season are starting to come into sharper focus. Upcoming projects for next year will include a new piece for bass and electronics for Ira Gold, a bassist with the National Symphony and Peabody faculty member, and a new work for Hannah Collins and Mike Compitello, otherwise known as the amazing cello and percussion duo New Morse Code.

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