The Initiation

I am very excited to present my newest collaboration, The Initiation, with sculptor Dawn Whitmore. Dawn commissioned me to make a piece for four singers that is intended to be performed with an amazing wooden sculpture of ladders that she’s been making. We are putting together a free outdoor performance on November 18th at the Labyrinth at the Georgetown Waterfront Park in DC. The music should start as the sun goes down, ca. 4:45. We’re inviting people to come check out the sculpture starting at 4:00pm. Below is a preview video Dawn made of the sculpture with a bit of my music, and here’s a link to read more details at Dawn’s site. I’m really excited to be doing something site-specific and outdoors in my city, and, I couldn’t be happier with the merry band of singers we’ve gathered for the event: Rachel Evangeline Barham, Allison Clendaniel, Shauna Kreidler Michels, and Deborah Sternberg are killing it. Hope to see you there! If you miss it, we are planning more performances for the spring (stay tuned).

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